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The “Lightograph” was unveiled July 8th. Jeremy’s 1st NFT drops July 15th on Foundation. Scroll down to watch the 3-minute intro video.

NASHVILLE, TN: On July 8th, the “LIGHTOGRAPH” was unveiled via, PetaPixel, and various social media channels. Its inventor, Jeremy Cowart, calls it the next evolution of the…

Two announcements coming the week of June 14th.

One is about the next creator we will be working with. He’s “decent,” as we say. :) Seriously, we believe he will deliver a collision of fine art and digital art unlike anything else in the NFT art world.

The other announcement is about a collective of creators and influencers who care about NFTs and causes together.

More to come. Stay tuned!

[ You’re invited to get decent with us as we strive to keep decency and decentralized finance connected together. Learn more at ]

Join @RyanTedder tonight on Clubhouse to talk #NFTs, #Songwriting, #Music, #ArtCollecting, #DeFi, and more with hosts @WilliamTong and @EveryVowel. @Bustart3, the artist collaborating with Ryan on his first NFT drop will be there, too. The crew from Origin will be joining us, as well, including @matthewliu and @joshfraser. Finally, among others, we are excited about @iambomanix, @LeahLamarr, @TranshumanInc, and @farokhgoodlife being in the room, too!

Hope to see you there!

the decent co

[ an NFT company. a collective of creators and influencers. a cause with a next-gen ed DAO. ]

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