three reasons why non-profits AND for-profits should have a VP of #Defi & #NFTs

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3 min readJun 29, 2021

…and it’s as simple as the ABCs.

# 1 | accountability

Moving money via fiat channels (current centralized banking) is slow, and much of the process is hidden from the very people whose money is being moved. It’s your money, and you should know with clarity what’s going on with it. That’s why decentralized finance and blockchain tech is so promising. It is transparent and trustless. Transparent means people know where the money came from and where it went because of the permanent trail created in the crypto ledgers. Trustless means you don’t have to trust what someone else is doing with your money, because you move it and can see when it’s moved. The accountability of this sort of money movement is unlike anything that currently exists in centralized banking.

# 2 | borders

Many non-profits and for-profits do business internationally. Moving money across international borders is expensive and slow. Even moving money domestically can be costly and take a day or two. What if you could move money with almost no fees in almost no time? Welcome to cryptocurrency and DeFi, especially tokens like XRP, XLM, ADA, SOL, ALGO, XDC, and CGLD. Stellar (XLM), for example, can move money globally at almost no cost in 3 to 5 seconds.

What if all of your international money movement actually moved the amount of money you intended to move, rather than paying all the fees and losing all the time in the current system? You can.

# 3 | contributions

We are at a tipping point. More and more people are investing in crypto and NFTs. Transferring gain and leveraging their investments for generosity is important to many of them. Can you even accept contributions in crypto?

You should. If you don’t believe me, google search how much money gets moved with crypto daily, AND google search how much Coinbase is worth as a stock. There will be a lot of currency that could be contributed to the causes that matter most.

IN CONCLUSION, there are more reasons that could be listed, but a compelling case can be made for why every for-profit and non-profit who engages internationally should have a VP of DeFi & NFTs. If you agree but don’t really know where to start, contact us and take a little time to learn from the resources listed below.

by Jason Dukes |co-founder of @getdecent_io

Along with helping creators and influencers engage followers and fans with experiential NFTs, Decent also exists to help educate non-profits for DeFi engagement and decentralized generosity. If you’re a non-profit leader who wants to learn more, we would like to talk with you. Our motivation is more than our own interests — we care about the causes you care about, too. Contact us via our website —

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