Who Is Bustart, and Why Did Ryan Tedder Do a Collab NFT with Him?

Bustart photo for Urban Nation. Made by Nika Kramer. (Berlin, 2017)

Once you’ve seen his work, it’s not hard to recognize the iconic, nostalgic style of the acclaimed Swiss artist known as Bustart. Multiple layers and multiple colors, his signature works range from expansive street art to intricate sculptures, from simple stencils to complex cityscapes. He pioneered what has become known as Graffiti-Pop — a meshing of abstract graffiti with pop-culture icons, especially images from vintage cartoons.

He and his wife have together created more than 200 works. They and their crew — Multisyndicate — regularly hold pop-up shows and street art related events in and around their native country. He also has works displayed across the neighborhoods of European and American cities, including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Harlem, and more.

This is Bustart’s 2nd NFT drop. The collaboration with Ryan Tedder came about because Ryan’s admiration for pop-art and iconic cartoons drew him to Bustart’s style. Like Ryan, Bustart values how NFT art will draw the mainstream audience into DeFi and digital art through the collision of fin-tech with the 21st Century renaissance.

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Learn more about the NFT drop from Ryan Tedder and Bustart.

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