Why Ryan Tedder Wants to Do NFTs

As a songwriter and producer, Ryan Tedder has won 3 Grammys and sold over 420 million records internationally. He has written numerous #1 hits. He’s a successful frontman for a well-known band. He’s an innovative investor and savvy business man.

He’s also an avid art appreciator and collector.

From Keith Haring to Basquiat to lesser known artists, he admires what each piece says about the creator and their culture. But he believes NFTs provide even greater engagement.

Ryan believes the crypto space is the next frontier in empowering artists to connect directly with their fans. He also knows the importance of honoring the talent and creativity of a diversity of gifted creators. This is consistent with what he’s done in collaborating with a wide range of artists over the years. The collectible nature of NFTs makes a fan feel like they own a unique piece of the art and have a unique connection with the artist. The creator can connect more uniquely with everyone who owns the NFT and then keep connecting with them over time. Furthermore, artist collaborations will allow for a connectedness between groups of fans who might not have connected otherwise before.

Ryan’s desire to move into the NFT space is driven by his excitement about modern art meshing with creative innovation and a diversity of fans engaging with a diverse collection of artists. Ryan not only wants to enter into the space himself, with fresh eyes and proven artistry, but he also hopes to highlight the artists and engineers who have been pioneers in this space by providing them some mainstream exposure.

Ryan is launching his collection of NFTs with a collaborative drop April 27th. Over time, he wants to deliver engaging art paired with personal experiences for collectors and fans alike.

Sign up for updates about his 1st NFT LAUNCH at RyanTedder.com.

Decent enables creators and influencers to engage with followers and fans through experiential NFTs and integrated technology. We are excited to assist Ryan’s entry into the NFT space in partnership with ORIGIN PROTOCOL ($OGN) and twoseventwo creative agency. We want to give props to those native to the NFT space — the artists and engineers who created it. We also are in it for the long haul — this is the future of the creator economy and rich social experiences between creators and fans.

We want to give back, too. In honor of Earth Day next week, for this first launch, Decent will be giving a grant to help engineers fund more clean-energy, environmentally-friendly crypto, NFT, and tech developments.

We can’t wait to see where this goes next!




NFT, DAO, Crypto, and Metaverse Strategists for Life-Giving Purpose | researching. consulting. highlighting. | theDecentCo.io | DECENTRAFIVE.com

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NFT, DAO, Crypto, and Metaverse Strategists for Life-Giving Purpose | researching. consulting. highlighting. | theDecentCo.io | DECENTRAFIVE.com

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